L'Atelier du pain

【Weekdays】◆ 7:30~22:00 / 【Sat. Sun and holiday】◆ 11:00~22:00

【Weekdays】◆ 7:30~11:00 / 13:30~18:00 【Sat. Sun and holiday】◆11:30~17:00

Only during eat-in(7:30-11:00), please discover our coffee sommeliers selection [cold brew coffee]. ¥150   【Cold-brew coffee】
The coffee sommeliers of [Le Petit Marche] carefully selected a coffee with a rich aroma. We made of blend taking into consideration the blance acidity・bitterness with beans producers from Brazil・Indonesia・Guatemala. Cold-brew coffee which spent 4 months in cold water bringing out the sweetness of the coffee bean.